All JAM teachers, staff, volunteers and teaching assistants are welcome to attend a Regional JAM Teacher Gathering in Knoxville, Tennessee. There are currently four possible dates being considered on which to hold the event. Please complete the interest form and check which dates would be best for you to attend. We have had a few different directors express some interest in gathering to fellowship and trade ideas, thoughts, teaching methodologies, etc around our respective JAM programs. Program.

Time: 10 am – 3 pm

Program directors please forward this form to the teachers within your program as well as volunteers that are associated with your program.


Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • More Than One Way to Skin a Cat – Student Motivation!
  • The Art of Performance – Even for Beginners
  • The Importance of Cultural/Historical Background in JAM
  • Marketing Your Program to the Community
  • Approaching Higher Education with Traditional Music


  • The distribution of resources, materials & instruments
  • General sharing of challenges, solutions, successes and stories
  • Refreshments
  • $50/travel stipend for each participant
  • Jam session afterwards!

For more information, please Contact Brett Morris at [email protected] or 276-768-6329 or Cody Bauer at [email protected].

Please spread the word about this event! RSVP requested, but not required. Non-JAM folks welcome, but not eligible for stipend.