Tunes/Lyrics Instruction


Old Time Fiddle Tunes a collection of tunes from old recordings, festivals, jams, and workshops with standard notation, mp3s, youtube videos and midi files

16 Tracks is a big list of songs complete with tab and audio files

Bluegrass Lyrics is a great searchable database of bluegrass songs

Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales & America find out where those folk songs came from

Mudcat Provides access to tunes and lyrics from a database including over 9000 songs, as well as a discussion forum about folksongs

The ToneWay Project is a Mountain Music Collection of nearly 400 songs

Hetzler’s Fakebook has fiddle tunes categorized by key with audio files included

Fiddle Tunes in C Learn fiddle tunes in the key of C from this list

Fiddle Tunes in F  Learn fiddle tunes in the key of F from this list