Job Opportunity

The mission of Junior Appalachian Musicians, Inc. (“JAM, Inc”) is to help communities provide opportunities for children to participate in the old-time and bluegrass music and dance traditions of the Southern Appalachians. JAM, Inc is seeking a replacement for its current Executive Director .

The JAM Executive Director will be the senior administrative officer of JAM and will be responsible for:

• JAM, Inc’s compliance with federal and state laws regarding non profits. As this is the largest growing sector in the economy (according to presenters at a recent North Carolina Non-Profits conference), governmental authorities will be monitoring non-profits and their donors with increasing scrutiny. Accordingly, the JAM, Inc Executive Director will need to be able to select and communicate effectively with legal and accounting advisors.

• Monitoring each JAM affiliated program to assure that JAM, Inc’s program standards are being met. JAM, Inc’s Executive Director must be able to communicate effectively and diplomatically with community boards to insure their compliance.

• Development of fund raising efforts which are best effected by an experienced, excited, passionate-about-the-cause Executive Director who excels at finding appropriate sponsor and donor audiences, developing relationships and following through; and identifying and developing relationships with private foundations and governmental funding entities.

• Development of “partner” relationships with entities which can sponsor community programs. (e.g., 4 H, Boys and Girls clubs, State parks authorities, school systems, arts councils and local government agencies)

• Development of an effective program for evaluating JAM,Inc affiliated community programs and to assure that JAM, Inc services to community programs are being satisfactorily implemented.

Technology skills: the Executive Director candidate should have the ability to work on both Mac and PC (all JAM teaching materials need to work on both platforms). Experience with graphics, audio and video development would be a positive factor in considering any candidate’s suitability.

In summary, skills for a JAM Executive Director include: administrative and facilitating expertise, experience in a non-profit setting (including knowledge about legal compliance issues and accounting requirements); enthusiasm about fundraising with a documented track record and excellent verbal and written communication skills; experience with program evaluation; ability to develop and monitor partnerships and contracts; technology skills (must be fluent with Word and Excel)

Most importantly, the candidate will have a passion for traditional Southern Appalachian music and serving at risk children in rural underserved mountain communities. The candidate needs to be able to work independently, be highly resourceful and motivated, and be willing to occasionally travel overnight.

Please submit resume and salary requirements by April 1 to JAM, Inc. at PO Box 44, Independence, VA 24348 or by e-mail to [email protected]