Shakori Hills JAM (NC)





Shakori Hills JAM is for children in the Chatham County area of North Carolina. The Shakori Hills Community Arts Center is revitalizing the previous Chatham County JAM program and offering affordable traditional music education for kids from Virginia Cross Elementary, Siler City Elementary, Chatham County Middle School, and Silk Hope Elementary School. The program is being held on Wednesday evenings at Silk Hope Elementary in Siler City and offers small group instruction in fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and mountain clogging. Two sessions will start the revival of the program.
Session 1: April 20 – June 8
Session 2: August 17 – October 5

Chatham County, NC is located in the Piedmont region of the state and has a history of blues and other old time music traditions. The Shakori Hills Community Arts Center hosts several folk music and dance festivals annually to celebrate American music, attracting a multitude of old time and bluegrass musicians to the area to visit and to live.

Current Instructors

Fiddle – Kenny Jackson
Mandolin – Alex Meredith
Guitar – Brian Moyer
Dance – Katy Shoemaker

For more information, please contact:

Julie My Amani, Program Director – [email protected] or 919-542-1746

Virginia Ryan, Start Up Coordinator – [email protected] or [email protected]