Stecoah JAM (NC)






Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts Center has organized the Stecoah JAM program for children in Graham County for more than twenty years. Located in the mountainous region of the state, Graham County is two thirds national forest. The Cherokee name for the area, Nantahala, is translated as “land of the noon-day sun” because 90% of the land is slopes of 30 degrees or greater, suggesting that in the valleys one sees the sun only in the middle of the day. As with most places in isolation, the strong traditions of mountain music are something special to pass on to the next generation, through programs like Stecoah Junior Appalachian Musicians.

Stecoah JAM partners with the local Graham County 21st Century Learning Center after school program and is funded also by TAPS (North Carolina Arts Council). The program currently offers instruction in fiddle and guitar.

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