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JAM believes

that children who are actively engaged in traditional mountain music are more connected and better prepared to strengthen their communities for future generations.

We envision

a world in which all children have the opportunity to experience community through the joy of participating in traditional mountain music together.

Our mission

is to provide communities with the support and tools they need to teach children to play and dance to traditional old time and bluegrass music.

What’s Happening in the JAM World

JAM Songbook Available!

Do you have your copy of the JAM Songbook yet? In addition to being a wonderful learning resource for JAM kids and teachers, the JAM Songbook has 39 standard bluegrass/old-time songs for everyone to learn! Learn the Nashville number system, chords on five instruments, hear and see all the songs on Spotify and Youtube, and so much more! Order your copy now! Bulk pricing also available

Arts Partnership to Offer JAM in TN

Junior Appalachian Musicians, Inc. (JAM) has announced its partnership with South Arts of Atlanta, Georgia. The two non-profit organizations will be collaborating on In These Mountains: Central Appalachian Folk Arts & Culture, a special project that will focus on developing seven new after school JAM programs throughout Eastern Tennessee.

South Arts is a non-profit, Regional Arts Organization whose mission is to advance Southern vitality through the arts. Their work responds to the arts environment and cultural trends with a regional perspective through a portfolio of activities supporting the success of artists and arts providers in the South. South Arts was founded in 1975 to build on the unique heritage of the South and to enhance the public value of the arts.

In These Mountains will leverage resources offered by South Arts and JAM to develop
Junior Appalachian Musicians programs for children beginning as early as fourth grade in the
East Tennessee counties of: Campbell, Claiborne, Cocke, Sullivan, Unicoi, Union, and
. JAM will provide the outreach, assistance and training to parents, traditional musicians, and representatives from schools and arts/youth serving organizations who are interested in planning and managing JAM programs for their communities. Planning groups associated with a qualified nonprofit organization, school system or local government will also be eligible to apply for start-up funding provided by South Arts.

In These Mountains will ensure the passing of traditions from one generation to the next, while encouraging and supporting life long learning for all participants. In addition to serving as a safe after school activity, new JAM programs will provide intergenerational opportunities to share, teach, learn, preserve, document and carry forward the folks arts and culture of Central Appalachia. Through cultural programs such as JAM, children who are actively engaged in traditional music education will be more connected and better prepared to strengthen their communities for future generations.

Are you interested in developing a JAM program for your community in this 7-county area, or have information that could help? To learn more, In These Mountains, please contact us

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