The Appalachian Music Module (AMM) is an 11 lesson plan curriculum developed to introduce young learners to the rich history of the settlement and consequent development of the music of the Appalachians. Linked with learning standards for fourth grade in Language Arts, Social Studies and Music (Virginia, North Carolina), the AMM is provided in kit form with all needed media included for implementation. Video links specific to certain lessons available through You Tube are embedded on this site and can be downloaded for “Fair Educational Use” by teachers for use in their classroom. Other video and audio materials are included on discs included in the kits.

Junior Appalachian Musicians, Inc is available to provide training to public school teachers and JAM affiliated programs in using the module. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Lesson 1A – Introduction – A sense of Place

Lesson 1B – Introduction – Where I’m From

Lesson 2 – Early Appalachian History

Lesson 3A – Roots of Music in Everyday Life

Lesson 3B – Roots of Music in Everyday Life (songs used in the telephone game) 

Lesson 4  – Earliest Mountain Music

Lesson 5 – Write a Ballad

Lesson 6  – Music in Churches Part 1

Lesson 7 – Music in Churches Part 2

Lesson 7- Evolution of Appalachian Musical Styles, Part 1 

Lesson 8 – Current Appalachian Musical Styles

Lesson 9 – Instruments in Traditional Music

Lesson 10 – Bringing it Home

Lesson 11 – Home Made Instruments