In Memory of Fred Swedberg







Rev. Fred W. Swedberg

February 12, 1948 ~ January 5, 2021 

“Fred had a heart for aspiring young musicians to have an instrument with which they could grow their skill. It can be very difficult for many families to afford a fine instrument for their child.

Finding a lovely old violin in a junk shop for $35, that he later learned was extremely valuable, sparked his passion. With the help of a luthier (a maker and repairer of stringed instruments) and a few donations from friends Fred made available a scholarship fiddle for the last 3 years at the Old Fiddler’s Convention in Galax, Virginia.

Fred loved watching the children play in the Convention’s fiddle contest and loved choosing the recipient. And their families became friends. His dream was to expand the gift to other instruments: guitars, banjos, and mandolins. Fred wanted the old country and mountain music to continue.

The Fred Swedberg Memorial Instrument Fund has been established in his memory so the legacy of supplying instruments to children can live on.” – Wibby Swedberg

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