Guidelines for Free/Reduced Fee Lunch

The JAM program model advocates that all programs are community based and offered to all children, regardless of their family’s financial status and ability to pay.

Tuition Recommendations:

$10/week for full-pay lunch students without financial hardship

$5/week for reduced fee or free lunch students

Scholarships available as needed.

There are federal guidelines published each school year for determining eligibility for free or reduced fee lunch. We have uploaded an informational chart for your information.  This may be helpful when formatting your registration form and informational letters to parents about program fees. Parents/guardians can either provide their household median income, or state whether or not their child receives free or reduced fee lunch at school.  The form may also be useful to program organizers if home school or private school children are registering for JAM. For any questions, please contact us anytime!

Click here to download the PDF