Hagood Elementary YAM (SC)

Hagood Elementary is part of the Pickens County, South Carolina YAM program (Young Appalachian Musician) initiative sponsored by P.O.S.A.M, Inc. (Preserving Our Southern Appalachian Music, Inc.) Hagood YAM is for students in grades 3-5 at Ben Hagood Elementary School in Pickens, SC. This program offers instruction in guitar, mandolin, and bluegrass banjo, as well as a YAM Band for second year students. Hagood YAM meets every Tuesday afternoon. This program also partners with Pickens County Schools, Pickens Recreation Department, Pickens Senior Center and Hagood Mill. This YAM program, as well as many others, is preparing students for the future by orienting advanced Young Appalachian Musicians as assistant instructors, (and inspirations for the other children)!

The Performing Band for Advanced YAM Pickers

Current Instructors
Marshall Goers – guitar, mandolin
Samantha Morgan – banjo
Cain Pilgrim – banjo
Peyton Ellenburg – beginner guitar

For more information, please contact
Janet Hardin, Program Co-Director, [email protected]
Lacey Ellenburg, Program Co-Director, [email protected]
Hagood Elementary Phone: 864-397-1900

Young Appalachian Musicians website:

Ben Hagood Elementary School Website

Pickens County, SC is located in the upstate piedmont region, near Greenville. The highest point in the state is in Pickens County – Sassafras Mountain. It is also home to Table Rock State Park. With a history steeped in agriculture, the area has many bluegrass and country music traditions which students in the YAM programs are learning to carry on. There are several annual festivals celebrating Southern Appalachian Music.