Mildred “Millie” Goss





October 18, 1952 – November 28, 2020 

Mildred “Millie” Goss was a kind, gentle person, who took an interest in everyone she met. She enjoyed nature, such as the mountain scenery around her home, bird watching, boating and fishing, traveling, and animals. She especially loved dogs with chihuahuas being her favorite. She was also an avid reader and seemed to be always just finishing a book or starting a new one. She was a great storyteller as well as a good listener. Millie had a great smile and laughter that we all enjoyed.

But mostly, Millie was a talented vocalist and musician. She played harmonica and a variety of stringed instruments. She especially loved Bluegrass music.

Millie and her husband, Dennis “Gene” Goss, have lived their later years in Virginia and Tennessee. Not only did she and her husband share love, home, and happiness together, but they also shared a special bond through their music, whether they were jamming with friends, playing music for family and nursing homes, or attending music festivals in the Virginia and Tennessee areas.

Millie became a part of the Goss family approximately 25 years ago and she has been our beloved sister since. She will be greatly missed by our family and all who knew her.

Millie has always taken an interest in promoting the music she loved and aiding young people in the pursuit of their musical talents and interests.

Therefore, we as her family and friends would like to honor and remember Mildred “millie” Goss by supporting JAM’s mission of encouraging youth to pursue the art of bluegrass music and dance and to help preserve the area culture she and her husband have enjoyed.

– Carol Skinner

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